• Scrabble Anagrams

    Advertising agency Lola Madrid helps Scrabble tell a love story entirely in anagrams.

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  • Craft Tamale

    Mexican based design studio Futura has created the identity for Craft Tamale. A restaurant in San Diego California specialized in tamales, one of the most representative dishes of the Mexican cuisine. 

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  • The work of &Reach

    Chicago based &Reach is a boutique artist management and creative services curatorium representing the most exciting creative talent working today. Above is just some of the beautiful typography pieces they’ve done. 

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  • Graffiti GIF

    Spanish photographer and motion designer A.L. Crego ongoing GIF project takes artwork from the streets and animates them into awesome GIF’s

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  • Alternatives Landscapes II

    Montreal based photographer Benoit Paillé explores the introduction of a man-made object in an outdoor setting, a luminous square. It’s a human element that forms a relationship with nature and helps it to be reborn.

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  • Trash murals

    Artist Bordalo II uses found trash such as old tires and creates awesome 3D murals of animals on the streets of Lisbon, Portugal. 

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  • City Leaf

    Brooklyn-based designer Andrew Martis has created a leafy set of city posters. Andrew started with six cities from coast to coast in the US with plans to expand the series. You can check them out in detail and even purchase them here.

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  • Brown’s Court Bakery

    Design studio Nudge created a brand identity and custom-lettered logo mark that extended from menus and signage to a responsive website for Brown’s Court Bakery. 

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  • Origami animals 

    Vietnam based origami artist Hoang Tien Quyet creates beautiful origami animals by using the technique of wet folding. Pioneered by the late origami master Akira Yoshizawa, water is applied to soften the paper during the folding process.  

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  • London night

    6,000 feet above London in a helicopter swiss born photographer Vincent Laforet has captured stunning aerial views of the sprawling metropolis.

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  • The Paint Chip Series

    US artist Shawn Huckins explores colour choice and its meaning in our daily lives. Mimicking the exact proportions, font, layout, and hues of miniature paint cards found at a nation-wide home improvement store, bands of colour we may choose for our most intimate spaces—bedrooms, kitchens, family rooms—are an ideal stage to examine the everyday people and objects that occupy our world.

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  • Pneumàtic 

    Founded by artists OOSS, Iago Buceta, and Mateu Targa for the street art festival Ús Barcelona. The idea behind the cut salvaged tire installations was to create works that tested the traditional uses of architecture, playing with the audience’s understanding of what is just beyond their physical grasp.


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  • 50 foods in 50 days

    Australian artist CJ Hendry inspired by an article she read about death row prisoners last meals, started drawing 50 foods in 50 days, using felt-tip pens.

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  • Digital Typography 

    Typographic 3D illustrations by London based designer Yenue.

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  • Canned Portraits

    Kim Alsbrooks paints historical portraits on crushed cans, typically depicted straight from 17th to 18th centuries. The portraits colours and content tend to match the cans they’re painted on. 

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  • Happiness is by your side

    Japanese illustrator Maori Sakai creates cute illustrated GIFs out of everyday moments in life. With her unique style, simple animation, and positive outlook, these illustrations give the viewer a little smile during their day. 

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  • Simris

    Swedish design studio Snask created the branding and packaging for the award-winning agribusiness from Sweden’s California.

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  • The International Flag of Planet Earth

    Swedish design student Oskar Pernefeldt for his graduation project has proposed an International Flag for Planet Earth.

    “Current expeditions in outer space use different national flags depending on which country is funding the voyage. The space travelers, however, are more than just representatives of their own countries.

    They are representatives of planet Earth.”


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