• The GIF’s of James Curran

    London based animation director James Curran creates awesome GIF’s on his tumblr blog. From pop culture to sports James creates a wide variety of GIF’s. I’ve pulled a few of my favourites but you should definitely check out his blog here. 

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  • Walden Candles

    Korean Design Studio Content Form Context has created the branding and packaging for Walden Candles, a natural soy candle brand based in Korea. 

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  • Bookscapes

    Montreal-based artist Guy Laramée creates amazing landscape sculptures of mountain, caves and ancient ruins all carved out of books. 

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  • Acto

    Creative studio Frente has developed the visual identity for the construction company Acto.  It’s  based on simple forms that translate the meaningful feeling of buying a new home, implicit in the “keyhole effect” present in the letters C and O. 

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  • Illustrations of Peter Strain

    Irish/UK illustrator (Depending on what side of the fence you sit) Peter Strain creates beautiful illustrations inspired by film and music as well as social, political and cultural issues. He tackles these with a highly distinctive hand lettering style, bold imagery and humour.

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  • This Game We Play II

    New York photographer Franck Bohbot latest series captures the courts of where New Yorkers play ball. 

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  • The quick brown fox collection

    French typographer Xavier Casalta is back at it again with the project ”The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog, 10 times.” A typographic project for the AIGA workshop at the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point.

    You can find him on tumblr here 

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  • Tape Type

    Designs Xevi Polo and Marti Serra have created a tape typeface using vintage tapes, each tape forwards and rewinds to reveal the type. 

    Tumblr doesn’t seem to like most GIF’s I post, check it out here.

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  • Concept for the Hungarian euro

    Budapest-based graphic designer Barbara Bernát has conceptualized gorgeous bank note designs for her MA degree project at the University of West Hungary.

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  • The Alphabet Poster Project

    The Ryman Eco font aims to encourage the design community to adopt the world’s most beautiful sustainable font. To help launch the font their introducing The Alphabet Poster Project, engaging 26 handpicked typographers, designers and art directors to create one-of-a-kind posters for each letter of the alphabet. 

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  • Modern Countryside glass house

    Architecture and design studio dRMM‘s Sliding House has created an awesome sliding glass house. The country side house has three separate buildings and is connected by a 20 ton, motor-driven enclosure which slides up and down the buildings to create constantly changing coverage for the home. 


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  • 6PM In New York - Drake

  • Hand Lettering - vol 1

    Uk designer Ian Barnard creates beautiful hand done typography. 

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  • Vivian Maier

    A Chicago nanny who left behind a large, secret hoard of her pictures wasn’t discovered until 2011. A box filled with Maier’s negatives was discovered at a local thrift auction house in Chicago. She’s being hailed as one of the best street US street photographers of the 20th century

    Maier left behind more than 100,000 images, in hundreds of boxes of negatives and undeveloped rolls of film, as well as some Super 8 home movie footage, audio tapes and trunks full of memorabilia.

    An American of French and Austro-Hungarian extraction, Vivian bounced between Europe and the United States before coming back to New York City in 1951. Having picked up photography just two years earlier, she would comb the streets of the Big Apple refining her artistic craft. By 1956 Vivian left the East Coast for Chicago, where she’d spend most of the rest of her life working as a caregiver. 

    Every now and than on Escape Kit I stumble upon not only amazing work but an amazing story behind it. This is one of them, Vivian Maier has absolutely stunning street photography and it might never seen the light of day if it wasn’t for chance. 

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    French Photographer David Keochkerian captures the beauty of the night sky in his series “BELLE ILE EN MER I.”

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  • Ceramic Plate Installations

    Massachusetts-based artist Molly Hatch creates large scale  installations of hand-built ceramic plates painted with a variety of patterns and scenes. 

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  • The work of  Jack Hudson

    UK-based illustrator Jack Hudson creates awesome illustrations and finds Inspiration in mid-century illustration, human interaction and the adventure films that sparked off his imagination as a young child. He creates distinctively energetic work full of fun and humour, often depicting the relationship between the big and the small.

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  • Quilled Paper

    Turkish paper artist Sena Runa makes awesome quilled paper creations available for purchase on her esty page. 

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  • Wire Animal Sculptures

    UK artist Kendra Haste creates life size creatures large and small out of painted galvanized wire for both public installations and private collections around the world.

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  • Coffee Supreme

    Australian design studio Marx Design has created a simple yet elegant packaging for Coffee Supreme.  It’s an extremely minimal, resealable, bespoke white foil bag. Immediately the choice of white pops it out from the sea of brown paper packaging of many other coffee brands.

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